Software Services

PARAM delivers transformational business solutions to help its clients stay ahead of competition today and in the future. Innovative solutions backed by years of expertise in delivering numerous custom solutions to all engineering industries. Our range of services backed by transparent, methodical and predictive delivery models has benefited many customers worldwide.

Our Unique Methodology

PARAM leverages its years of deep knowledge of Engineering Industry to understand what our customers need crucially. PARAM has its very own system of Software Delivery Methodologies.
Often it happens that an organization spends heavily on software products available off the shelf. However, after implementing the Software, it is found that the organizational practices and processes are not supported by the software as desired. On the contrary, PARAM follows a system in which its Systems Analyst will help you out by analyzing your system, listening to your needs, and then proposing a customized solution which will satisfy all your requirements.


  • Automatic generation of drawings, bills of materials.
  • Faster design and production of working prototypes.
  • Reduced engineering change order cycle time.
  • Improved data quality and consistency.
  • Increased workload capacity without increased labor costs.
  • Increased utilization and personal productivity of professional employees.
  • Secured 24/7 customer and supplier access to drawings and product information.
  • Automated design rules and drawing production processes.
  • Automated drawing production/data management standards.
  • Seamless data interfaces between different software applications,database formats and access point technologies.
  • In-Built application utilities in client's existing Enterprise Software system.