Overcome Business Critical Challenges

Every Business demands for a solution that moulds in to organization’s existing processes and methodologies rather than entirely changing your business practices to match the software functionality.The Project Management Solution by PARAM is customizable for the processes and practices within your organization and will deliver you the hassle-free still effective Project management.

Project Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling Milestones, task lists and tasks help you break down complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control with critical tasks, Non-Critical Tasks and dependencies to keep up with tasks and reach new milestones

To-Do List

Every individual working on a project can easily log in to his/her account, view the assigned tasks and update their To-Do Lists as per the tasks completion. If an individual fails to update the status of the tasks assigned to him, before his expected Delivery/Submission date, there is a facility to Auto-Forward the reminder on his mail with CC to his superior. What more, at any instant of time, you get to know as which of your assigned Projects tasks are in Yellow (Completed), Green (going to be completed within the stipulated time frame), and in Red (Delayed/May get delayed and hence to be treated with High Priority).

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts provide typically provide a visual representation on the progress of your Project verses what was planned. User rights are provided to edit the Gantt Chart and assign the dependencies if the need arises.


Dashboard on the welcome Screen typically provides the Project managers and the Senior Management with a quick Graphical Representation of status of all Projects with different colour codes, viz., Yellow (Completed), Green (going to be completed within the stipulated schedule), and Red (Delayed/May get delayed and hence to be treated with High Priority). These views can be further drilled down to know as to which activity needs to be addressed with high priority.


  • Auto planning / scheduling of each activity with respect to Project Start Date, and Customer Delivery Date in all phases.
  • Status of procured components.
  • Status of bought out components and finished goods.
  • No. of activities/ tasks to be attended by Individual stakeholder on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Schedule Performance Indicators of individual stakeholders on JBT, On time, Delayed , & MBT basis
  • Actual % of time with respect to planned Project span.
  • Engineering Milestones, Commercial Milestones, and their progress status.
  • Project Status Reports for Top Management & Project Managers at macro and Micro Level.
  • Customized Reports as per customer requirements.

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