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PARAM’s Engineering Document management Software powers organizations to manage their all Engineering Documents with ease. A well organized repository ensures documents are managed with key organizational goals.

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Features in a Nutshell

Centralized Engineering Document Control

Keeping up with the Document Management is every organization’s pain area. As the documents are created, shared and stored across the departments, there is no fool proof manual system to streamline the channel. For this, having a centralized repository is a need of the time for any business. This can now be achieved through PARAM’s dms software


Version Control

A constant challenge in any organization is keeping track of where the documents are, who was the last person to work on them and knowing what each author contributed.

PARAM’s Document management Software ensures that all versions of a document are preserved while at the same time giving instant visibility to the most recent iteration. The document management system retains a unique copy of each version of each file as it is checked out and back into the Library. Versions are never overwritten. When a document is checked in and changes have been made, the document management software automatically creates a new version of the document.

View/Edit Rights Control

It’s now possible to have total control over who sees what. PARAM’s Document Management Software is made to suit your organizational policies so that you can be in control of information when it comes to user permissions.

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Automated File Naming

With PARAM’s Document Management Software, now get a default name for all the documents you store with numbering for their successive versions. Moreover, the authorized user can always rename a document, provided it is not getting duplicated.

Flexible Data Views

The System has a provision of storing Documents with comments and Tags, so that it can be efficiently searched and viewed at a later stage by the authorized users. Moreover, the documents can also be previewed before actually opening it

File Relationship Management

Categorize your files by team, project, file type, and author. Organize them under folders and sub-folders.

Total Flexibility over Customization

Seamless data interfaces are possible between PARAM’s Smart-DMS and most of the ERP software, database formats, and access point technologies.

Every Business demand for a solution that molds into organization’s existing processes and methodologies rather than entirely changing your business practices to match the software functionality. The Project Management Solution by PARAM is customizable for the processes and practices within your organization and will deliver you the hassle-free still effective Document Management

Event Based Email Notifications/Alerts

Automated email notification and alerts can be set for individuals or groups of users when a file is assigned to them or awaits their approval. By default, email notifications do not include file attachments, which restricts the distribution of uncontrolled documents. The Email, however, provides a link with each notification that takes the user directly to the file location in the Smart-DMS Solution which requires action.

Microsoft Office Tools

Microsoft Office can be integrated for any desired actions inside the system.

Dashboards & MIS Reports

PARAM’s Smart-DMS offers a wide variety of customizable Dashboards and other MIS reports for the individuals, Middle, and Top Management.